Pending Projects


Four projects appear on the schedule for the first quarter of 2015:

  1. Conducting a three-day seminar for faculty members of the three Methodist seminaries of Nigeria. This gathering of 40-50 men and women will provide continuing education, inspiration, and mutual encouragement. I have the invitation to give six workshops. Under the leadership of the Board for Theological Education, Methodist Church Nigeria, the¬†participants will engage in “rethinking theological education in the Methodist Church Nigeria for effective ministry.”
  2. Continuing consultation with the Provost, Dean, and faculty at West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS). This consultancy focuses on launching Cohort 2 Doctor of Ministry students the last weekend of January. We anticipate a high quality group of men and women joining the program focused on “transformational leadership for peace and reconciliation.”
  3. Relationship-building visit to India during which the Dean will introduce leaders of World Renewal International with Dr. R.C. Ghuna Kumar and the leadership of Gospel Friends. Frank Penna and I will be traveling to Chennai, India the second half of February to spend a week with Ghuna and his ministry.
  4. Working with Dr. Ron Freeman and Synseis Alliance, International in steps to help strengthen the quality of educational leadership in theological school around the world, especially in Africa.

Beyond these, I will continue a schedule of online teaching for Oklahoma Wesleyan University and Nazarene Bible College. The coming year, 2015, promises to be filled with significant activity.

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