Setting Goals and Planting Seeds

Goal setting and seed planting share a common theme: they both impact our future. Today, Dianne and I set a goal and planted some seeds.
Goal Setting. Rather ambitiously for sure, I told Dee that my goal by the end of this week is to have both bathrooms finished so that we can move appliances, toilets, lavs, and vanities into these rooms. They could then be very helpful as we continue living in our RV.

I need your advice or opinion regarding the flooring for these rooms. We plan to use Porcelain tile called “Montagna Belluno” sold at Home Depot. We are going to use both the 16″ and 6″ sizes. What do you think about this style of floor for a bathroom. Is porcelain the right stuff to use? What about the larger squares (16″) as opposed to the smaller 6″ squares? Does one size work better or last longer? Thanks for any insights you care to share. They will help us reach our goal for the week!

According to two tile installers that have counseled me, I will need to put down 1/2″ Durock on the subfloor before laying the tile. As you see in the accompanying photo, the subfloor of the ole farm house appears to be in rough shape. However, it is very, very solid and should provide a solid foundation for the tile flooring.

Planting Seeds. Planting season is like the future–neither will wait for you to get ready. We concluded today that NOW is the day we must get our garden planted if we intend to have any produce in the future. Bryan and his children had gotten a start on garden planting a couple of weeks ago. However, we had many more seeds that we wanted to plant. Late this afternoon, just as the sun made its final turn toward the western horizon, we set about planting. Here’s the list as best as I remember (Dianne’s got the official planting roster):

  • Five mounds of cucumbers
  • Six rows of sweet corn
  • One row of okra
  • One row of carrots
  • Three rows of lima beans
  • One row of flowers (not sure what kind)
  • Six rows of peas
  • One row of squash
  • One row of zucchini squash
The soil appears to be in perfect condition for gardening. Just the right amount of moisture. The rich top soil made a welcoming bed for our seeds. Can you find the seeds in this picture? If so, what kind are they?
Hey, fifteen hours of work today and I’m bushed. Good night because I’m headed to bed–getting ready for the future! You do the same!

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  1. Donnie Pirtle June 7, 2011 / 7:54 pm

    I’ll try again and see if it will post this time, if so. I like the larger tiles, you may want to use the smaller ones as a border around the edge. The seed look like corn. Sounds like you will have a good garden and a lot to can. Have a wonderful day. Donnie

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