Restoration: From a Coon’s Den to a Master Suite!

While a “coon den” might be a tab bit overly dramatic for describing the Ole Farm House before we took ownership, we saw definite evidence that racoons had been living in the house, both in the attic and the back rooms that have now been renovated as the master suite. I started the month of June with the plumbing system installed and ready to take on new bathrooms. During the three weeks since my last update, I have virtually completed three key rooms: the Laundry/Bath, the Master Bathroom, and the Master Bedroom with adjoining walking in closet.

Just take a quick photographic glance at the progression of restoration–from a coon’s den to a master suite! While taking this glance, think about the notion of restoration!


The space through the stud wall will become the laundry room and half bath–we’re calling it the “laundry bath.” This area had been the original bathroom for the ole house as well as a very narrow, long closet. I removed an interior wall, two windows, and one door to create this room.

Grandson, Jacob, gave me invaluable help in placing tape on the drywall joints.

Having never laid porcelain floor tile of this nature, I used the telephone to consult with my brother, Paul, and a new friend, Jack Holland, regarding the intricacies of floor tile.

The FIRST piece of tile goes down. Just wish I could have laid the LAST piece first and hence have avoided all the knee-killing work! Seriously, I enjoyed the challenge of doing something new that will last for a considerable time and give a radiant beauty to the spots where coons had . . . well, pooped!

Master Bathroom

Originally, we had purchased a three-piece fiberglass tub surround to place above the bathtub. It would have taken only a couple of hours to have installed the surround. However, we decided that this restoration project deserved something more substantial and classy. I set about the task of placing porcelain tile on the two walls above the tub. This took considerably longer that I had allocated for the bathroom but has already proven itself to have been the right decision.

Since this picture was taken, I have finished painting the wall to the left of the toilet. All that remains is placing the floor trim around the base of the wall and installing the replacement windows. These should be coming into the local Lowes store in another 3-4 days. We have already begun using this room, as it is MUCH larger and more convenient than the bath/shower in the RV!

Master Bedroom

Last night (June 26), we slept in our regular bed–taken from storage and set up in the new bedroom. This is the first time since February 15 to sleep in our own bed! This also signals the progress that we’re making on the restoration.

Throughout the month, I have quoted Psalm 23 numerous times to myself as I worked alone. I’ve especially pondered the Psalmist’s phrase, “. . . He restores my soul. . .” There’s that notion of restoration which implies that something has deteriorated and exists in an unsatisfactory state. I guess you could say that this is simply descriptive of human life–we all encounter those periods of life where we need restoration.

The Great Shepherd is all about restoring the life of those who follow him!

Just wondering–does life around you feel like a coon’s den? If so, invite the Good Shepherd in for a renovating restoration. He’s a MASTER at restoration.

Headed to that comfortable bed for a night of restoration. Goodnight.


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  1. Leslie June 28, 2011 / 2:46 pm

    It’s really coming along! Looking great; eager to see it in person. :o)

  2. Donnie Pirtle June 29, 2011 / 4:15 pm

    Wow! This is looking beautiful because of all your hard work. Just to think God can change our lives that much and more if we allow Him into our hearts.

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