Making Choices: Colors and Cabinets

A LOT has been happening here at the Ole Farm House–long hours of joyful and satisfying work. We are beginning to see the end of the renovation of the interior of the house. A couple of items we’ve had to deal with in the past two or three weeks pertains to paint color for the interior walls and cabinet style and shape.

Choosing Paint Colors

At this point, we’ve decided on a five-color scheme throughout the house. The picture to the right shows the Home Depot color chips for these five colors. We will use white on all the ceilings. Semi-gloss brilliant white will go on the window, door, and base-board trim. I understand that the trend today is to paint ceilings something other than white. We’re not going to follow that trend this time!

Not sure that we like the top color–kind of a taupe greenish brown. The Home Depot paint department calls it “Pebble Clay”–very descriptive for helping one to know the color, I know. But that’s its name! It looks good in a room to itself. However, we have positioned it adjacent to the wall in the dining room. See the second picture–I took this late at night after I’d finishing painting.

The lower portion of these two walls is new bead board painted an off-white called “Oyster”–again another very descriptive paint name! The bead board will trim with a chair rail that I’ll paint the same as the window trim. Presently, the window trim has only a primer coat on. Eventually, I get to the finished coat then install white faux wood blinds.

It seems to me that the upper wall color on the right side of the dining room what a bit too much yellow or brown in it. Seems to me that a lighter shade of green would work better in blending with the left side. What do you think? Any opinions or advice?

Choosing Cabinets

We made the circuit in shopping for kitchen cabinets–Home Depot, Lowes, Mennards, Kline Cabinetmakers, and Wyatt Cabinetry and Custom Woodworking. The choices of style, colors, materials, and price range almost as broadly as Americans’ opinion on what to do to solve the national debt debacle!

Don’t want to take the time to bore you with all the shopping details. I will just cut to the chase and tell you that Wyatt Cabinetry and Custom Woodworking in Forsythe, Missouri “won the contract.” Their motto, “If you can dream it, we can build it,” reflects the action that owner Jerrad Saffle has demonstrated. He has given us personal attention to the particulars that we wanted by helping us know that whatever we wanted, he could do. We aren’t just buying cabinets out of a box, so to speak. Furthermore, Jerrad’s prices were very, very competitive.

Let me just add this short commercial: If you’re needing cabinets, give Jerrad a call and tell him that Ray Easley told you about him. His phone number is 417-546-1600. I don’t get a commission–just want to pass along a word about a good vendor that I’ve discovered.

Working from my pencil sketch, Jerrad computerized the kitchen layout and emailed back to me the exact layout with dimensions and components for me to verify. Hopefully, the sketch will be dark enough for you to read and understand.

The 3D perspective drawing Jerrad provided helped get literally a “bird’s eye view” of the kitchen. The island in the middle will contain a 36″ gas cooktop on which Nana Dianne can prepare those scrumpious biscuits, eggs, and “Nana Jam” for the grandkiddos.

The appliances will be delivered from Lowes this coming Saturday. The cabinets should be ready for delivery by the end of this week or the early part of next week. With family coming to town and to the house on July 29th, I have still a lot of work to get done.

Yesterday, I started laying the oak hardwood floor. Gotta have that finished before the appliances and cabinets arrive–that’s my project sequence.

Dianne has taken pictures of the new floor going down. If I get time, I’ll upload those for another update!

Or I may just keep on laying floor–not lying on the floor! Have a good day.


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  1. Donnie Pirtle July 20, 2011 / 9:42 pm

    Like, like, like. At to the paint colors. When we moved here, we painted the walls a white oak. At first I thought it looked to yellow. As time has passed, it has toned down. If it doesn’t tone down you can always repaint it later. Eager to see all you have done.
    Love you, Donnie

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