Popcorn Popped–House Restored!

Hasn’t been quiet as simple as popping popcorn, but the Ole Farm House is virtually restored! While some small details still remain, I now pronounce that the house is restored into a home where popcorn and Dr. Pepper can spontaneously appear on the dining table for any unexpected guest. Just come on by and enjoy!

Thank the Lord for his gracious protection and provisions across these four and one-half months. We’ve had no injuries during the hundreds of hours of very demanding physical labor.

Here is the list of tasks that have been completed as a part of the restoration project:
  • New electrical system from meter base to outlets and light switches.
  • New waste and freshwater plumbing from faucets to sewer drain.
  • Easy Water’s “Iron Shield” to oxidize the iron and filter it before entering the plumbing.
  • Pella replacement windows to provide protection from the cold north winds that will blow this winter.
  • Drywalled ceiling to replace the deteriorating lath and plaster that had stood the test of time for 86 years.
  • New paint throughout that creates a fresh homey ambience for the family.
  • New appliances from the laundry to the cooktop and oven–they all now work properly. Come on by for a home-cooked meal!
  • New master bathroom and laundry-bath.
  • Solid oak floor from the front door to the back closet–a far cry better than the old dirty floors on which I worked for the past four months.
  • New knotty alder hardwood cabinets from Wyatt Cabinetry and Custom Woodworking shop in Forsythe, Missouri. Because we worked against a July 26th delivery deadline, they shipped the cabinets without drawers and doors. These will come later. Thanks to Jerrad for accommodating this rather unusual sequence.
  • Exterior paint on the north side of the house–will get to the other sides in the fall.
  • Repaired and painted the dormer gable and window on the east end of the roof.
  • Moved two storage rooms of our household belongings into the house.
This afternoon, I fly to Lagos, Nigeria for a month of academic consulting at West Africa Theological Seminary. I will be working alongside Provost William Udotong and the faculty, administration, and staff there (www.watsonline.org). Dianne will stay home and gather the garden produce as it come ripe–we have an ear of sweet corn just about ready to pick! She will be canning green beans, tomatoes, and corn while I work with the dear people at WATS. I return from Nigeria on August 30. Thanks for praying for us during this time.
You may be unfamiliar with the plans that Dianne and I have been following for the past year–leading up to our move from Mississippi to Indiana. If so, check out the blog update that I posted last November: http://deansoffice.easleycompany.com/?p=89. This may answer a question or two that you have.
Enjoy the pictorial montage below that highlights some of the recent developments.
Before and After

Installing cabinets from Wyatt Cabinetry
Popping the Corn!

I’ve got TONS more pictures to share but have run out of time. Must get my suit cases packed for the flight to Nigeria. Thanks for following Dianne and me in your prayers as we have trekked across the past four and one-half months. It’s been an interesting journey that really has just begun.

Thanks a million to my brother, Keith, who has been here for the past couple of weeks giving me invaluable help. He deservedly has his hand in the popcorn bowl!

Take a careful look at Psalm 103–I’ve memorized the first eleven verses. And know that we are still leaning on the three promises found in Exodus 33.14, Isaiah 41.10, and Luke 12.32.

Be blessed.


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  1. Dori August 20, 2011 / 2:35 am

    How funny is it that I recognized that as Uncle Keith’s hand before I saw any of the other pictures or read the post to know he was there! Your home is just beautiful! LOVE you and Dee!

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